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Inflatable Repair for Indoor Applications

Indoor Facilities, Inflatable Ride Repair and Maintenance

Inflatable rides used in indoor applications and bounce arenas can be put through a lot of wear and tear. Daily and constant use can take an extreme effect on the overall life of a ride. We can offer several measures for indoor centers to increase the longevity of your equipment.

Our Mobile repair service was developed for the indoor inflatable center, to decrease the need for transporting rides from your facility to ours. For smaller repairs, sometimes it makes sense for us to come to you, and complete the repairs in minimal time during your off hours. In other cases when major repairs are needed, our repair facility is sometimes required.

From minor repairs to major repairs, we can help. We can offer replacement rentals of as needed if your unit requires a major overhaul or thorough repair so that your facility stays open and your customers get what they are waiting for.

We make and customize replacement wear panels and slide covers, which will bring new life to your inflatable rides and games. We can even reinforce problem areas, to create a safer, more durable, and more attractive looking unit.

We can offer a full solution to your inflatable repair needs. Offering pick up, drop off, and mobile repair services.

Repair services for all products and manufacturers available.

Contact Us today, and we are always happy to assist.


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